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J.M. Coetzee
On Power: Its Nature And The History Of Its Growth
Bertrand De Jouvenel
13 Ways: Illustrated Stories - td Whittle,  Sandra Peterson Ramirez Caution, this review contains high praise.


Two authors with two completely different styles collaborate to make one terrific and imaginative book. Beginning with a single photo, they explore every style from sci-fi to grit to comic; and while the stories are thoughtful and poignant in their right, what makes the whole collection so unique is that it's accomplished in a refreshingly (revolutionary?) "traditional" manner: through creativity and strong characters. There is no "experimenting" evident here as each of the authors arrives with a confident and experienced voice to tell you a great story.

A few of the stories had me laughing out loud and one of them had me wiping a tear from my cheek (of course, that may be because I'm such a sensitive guy...). And without hyperbole, I could have easily mistaken "Someone Like You" for a Vonnegut tale recently found tucked in the back of a desk somewhere (minus the cynicism).

This is how you write short stories. I am a better reader and a better writer for having read it.