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The Gospel According to Lost - CD - Chris Seay With one exception, I got no new insights into LOST, it's characters, or the Gospel according to Chris Seay. The one exception was Seay's take on the love of Penny and Desmond, comparing it to the type of love that our Creator has for us and I think he does a more than fair job of explaining it. There is actually just about the right amount of Christian theme to this book which keeps it from becoming a sermon or too preachy (much like the show itself). Most of it is in the form of quotes from the Letters of Paul. He also adds in an adequate amount of quotes from other philosophers and writers that help to understand where a character is mentally or spiritually. Most of the chapters of the book are devoted to the main characters of the show though they don't seem to me to be in any particular sensical order.

Keep in mind that this book/CD was written/recorded after season 5 so he is a little off in his "understandings" of the characters but not by much. Some things, no one saw coming in the final season. Still, I can't get enough of anything LOST, one of the greatest works of art produced by modern man, so instead of three, it gets four stars.