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On Power: Its Nature And The History Of Its Growth
Bertrand De Jouvenel
The Island of the Day Before - Umberto Eco Okay. Finished another Eco book. Unsatisfied, again. Brilliant and beautiful writer that takes you in circle after circle after circle after circle until you arrive finally at - nowhere. I did not find it difficult to read as many reviewers have mentioned (except sometimes the broken and halting German/English that the Jesuit spoke) nor did I find problems in the translation from the original Italian. Eco writes masterfully. As I've mentioned in a previous Eco review, if you have hours upon hours to spend simply to be taken away into a world of words and ideas without any expectation of "resolution" then Eco is the writer for you. I understand "The Name of the Rose" is good but I can't imagine offering myself up to Eco again. I'd probably find more gain simply browsing a thesaurus as a thesaurus provides more "closure" to its tale. After 1,200 pages, I am cured of Eco.